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There are many days I find myself doodling on the side of my notebook, knitting or belting out my favorite Beyoncé or Maroon 5 song as I drive. I realized it’s because these activities make me feel relaxed and offer a sense of peace. I am most calm when I am doing something creative. It allows me to relax and reflect in a way that not many other activities allow me to.

Now most people may think you have to know how to draw, sing, dance, or write in order to be considered creative. Wrong!!

We ALL naturally have creativity in our bones. It’s a matter of how often and in what means we use our creativity. Channeling our creativity can help us embrace and cope with the everyday challenges of Epilepsy.

There are a variety of treatments available to help people cope with Epilepsy. However, one that has proven to be an effective method to address the issues that medications aren’t helping with is Art Therapy.

Art Therapy is a form of expressive treatment that uses creative outlets of making art to improve a person’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. This form of therapy can help an individual resolve issues, manage their emotions and behavior, improve self-esteem, reduce stress and encourage a sense of self awareness.

Art therapy achieves a range of different outcomes for different people. Many people can use it for rehabilitation, treatment in conjunction with or without medication, counseling sessions and as a reflection exercise to help reveal deeper issues that may effect our overall quality of life. Sometimes talking about your challenges, and pitfalls aren’t easy. The use of a creative outlet aids in helping to release any unspoken truths and or emotions in order for a you, family member or friend to begin the healing process and find ways to cope with a terminal/ chronic illness.

Art therapy is offered in a number of states. If your interested in finding an art therapist in your area check out this art therapy locator below:

The Epilepsy Foundation has developed it’s very own art therapy program called Studio E: The Epilepsy Art Therapy Program.

Studio E is a multi-week art therapy program available to people with epilepsy. The program is currently active in 47 cities within the United States. Each chapter (city) varies in age groups, session times, and/or the number of weeks an individual participates. However, sessions are open to children and adults.

Check out some of the amazing art work participants are creating within Studio E’s art therapy program.

The Epilepsy Foundation of Northern California

The Epilepsy Foundation of Metropolitan New York
“Boats Resting” by CM Conlon

To view the Studio E art gallery visit

Don’t just throw in the towel if your at the end of this article and feel that you or your loved one couldn’t participate.  There are additional ways to be creative if your not mobile or if an Epilepsy Foundation or Art Therapist isn’t accessible.

By engaging in a creative activity for 30 mins to 1 hr each day at home, you could achieve the same benefits. Drawing/ doodling on a napkin during breakfast or purchasing crayons and coloring book from your local general store. Maybe even blast some Michael Jackson and dance off beat to Thriller. This small invest of time each day can be the missing piece in which helps you to embrace and cope with the everyday challenges of Epilepsy.

For more ideas on in home creative ways, check out these 100 Art Therapy Exercises. 


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