After being diagnosed with my seizure disorder, I realized my life would look differently than I expected. I thought I would never fulfill my desire to be a teacher or be able to settle down and marry my prince charming. I began my required dosage of medication in 2008 after being hospitalized for a week after my first seizure. The next 3 years I struggled tremendously with coping with my seizures. I became solely dependent upon my family and was unable to fully care for my 2 year old son. There were many days I wanted to give up and quit but my faith in God and my determination not to let my family down kept me going. I knew things would get better, I just didn’t know when. In 2011, my strength was renewed when my parents decided to take matters into their hands research other methods (natural and holistic) and doctors that would help me obtain control of my seizures. Throughout this entire journey I was still under the assumption that I would never be able to meet my King, have children and live happily ever after. It was still such a foreign thought.

Fast forward, to February 15, 2014 the day my boyfriend of 6 years proposed to me all of the feelings and thoughts I had convinced myself of changed. He stuck it out with me! Though countless appointments, hospital stays, EEG tests, and numerous bad days. My King, my knight in shining armor had saved me from every negative thought or feeling I had since 2008. He was confirmation of my prayers and faith in God’s love for me. In March 2014, we sat in North Shore University Hospital under the care of my neurologist to undergo a 72 hour video EEG. The procedure was for the doctors to determine if my seizures were controlled and to possibly change my medication for my husband and I to expand our family. We were thinking about starting a family shortly after marriage. Once we received the results, we learned that aside from my usual seizures I was also experiencing nocturnal seizures which affected my sleep patterns and eventually affected how I functioned throughout the day. On the bright side, the Doctors believed this wouldn’t be an issue going forward if I continued to maintain a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating habits in addition to changing my medications.

After months of using my new medication and taking vitamins (Folic Acid and a Multi) I began to feel much better and confident as my seizure threshold increased and my seizures deceased. We were married 6 months later on September 4 in Long Island. It was one of the most beautiful days and memorable moments of my life. IMG_2627-300x300.jpg.png

This day was the start of a fairy tale I thought would never happen. My husband is such an amazing, loving compassionate, and driven man. I thank God daily for blessing me with him and look forward to our lives together.


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