When my husband and I were ready to have a baby, making the decision to stop taking the medication was risky however, we knew it was what we wanted and needed to do. It took us a few months, before we learned that we were pregnant. During that time, I was so anxious and  worried about how long it would take to happen. I spent my days counting every ovulation time of each month to make sure we didn’t miss any opportunities.

I remember driving to work on the morning of March 3 and hearing a voice, very subtle whisper to me saying, “Everything is ok … relax, you will find out you’re pregnant on your fathers birthday.” I didn’t know what to think after hearing this however, a peace came over me that allowed me to relax and not worry. I waited until the eve of my dad’s birthday, 15 days later, to buy pregnancy tests. Although I was certain the results would be positive, I hadn’t told my husband yet. I didn’t want him to be worried or give him false hope especially since this would be the 3rd test we’d taken since we decided to expand our family. Reluctantly, I tucked the box in the corner of my drawer, prayed and went to bed so I wouldn’t let me anxiety get the best of me.  The following morning before work, I took the test. A rush of numerous emotions invaded my body as I waited for the stick to change to its appropriate shade of pink. I paced back and fourth in the living room, those 3 minutes seemed like eternity. I slowly peeked my head into the opening of the bathroom door, wishing I had someone else to look at the stick for me, walked in and saw 1 solid pink line and a faint pink line.
Clearly, that meant I was pregnant but I had to be certain the test weren’t faulty. I couldn’t scream and run through the apartment waking my hubby up with false/positive news. So I prepared for work, trying to contain as much of my excitement as I could throughout the day and purchased a digital pregnancy test on my way home. I quickly rushed into the apartment and locked myself in the bathroom.  I sat the used test on the sink and watched nervously as the clock spinned in a circular motion. It was even worst this time around than the first. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and counted to 10 before opening them again. And there it was, the words “PREGNANT, 1-2” were present on the test. My eyes at this point were clouded with tears and mascara. I couldn’t explain how much happiness I felt in that moment.
The next day I went and purchased a unisex newborn outfit and wrapped it in a box with the test for my husband. I went about the day as usually only now with an additional glow from a secret I couldn’t wait to share with him.  After putting our son to bed and preparing for the next business day I sat aside him on our bed as he lay on his back, iPad on his chest and the remote in his hands. I tapped his shoulder and whispered that I had a gift for him. I handed him the neatly wrapped box and watched him open it. At first, seeing the tiny onseie and bib that read “My Daddy Loves Me” was a bit confusing but once he pulled out the pregnancy test, all 3, he knew immediately that we were expecting a baby. After asking me if I was “for real” several times, he jumped up with excitement, hugged and kissed me.

Despite all the possibilities we’ve read and were told by the physician’s, or the differences I knew I may experience throughout the pregnancy or the numerous concerns we had as potential parents none of it mattered!  That moment was exciting, carefree and heartwarming… It was perfect


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